bus pic 6Solution Based….Solution Driven

We provide business and human capital strategic solutions to business based problems.  No matter the size and no matter the industry, GSL Enterprises, LLC, can help eliminate unproductive costs, maximize revenue and drive human capital solutions to world class status.

With our strategic alliance partnerships, we are poised to help you grow and sustain your business for the long-term.  Our expertise in process improvement, technology solutions, problem-solving, people development, career transitioning, coaching, training & development, compensation, performance management, succession planning, feedback & assessment tools, change management, and much more can only enhance your entire business model.

To name a few, our industry list includes manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, consumer products, healthcare, telecommunications, and utilities.

How we can help you…..solution based and solution driven.

Sourcing and Talent Management

GSL Enterprises, LLC offers a variety of Sourcing and Talent Management solutions to assist your organization with your overall recruiting strategy, such as;

  • Contingent or retained strategic recruitment
  • Recruitment assessment testing and review
  • Provide and assist with applicant tracking technology enhancements
  • Help provide company recruitment branding strategies
  • Increase diversity relations recruitment strategies
  • Increase military relations recruitment strategies
  • Increase university relations recruitment strategies
  • Assist with Federal and State compliance reporting

People Strategy and Organizational Development

GSL Enterprises, LLC offers a variety of People Strategy and Organizational Development solutions to assist your organization with the design, development and deployment of individual/company training and development initiatives, such as;

  • Creating a robust succession and development plan
  • 360 degree feedback assessment
  • Performance Management design
  • Multi-level individual coaching
  • High-Potential (HiPo) review, coaching and development dialogue
  • Building and sustaining an effective company culture
  • Provide leadership training through a Leadership University platform
  • Problem-solving skills using the DMAIC process
  • Creating a mentorship program
  • Human Capital metric design and tracking
  • Ability to provide a wide variety of personality, business acumen and competency assessment testing
  • Job description and core competency design
  • Management trainee program design
  • Onboarding and off-boarding program design

Reward and Recognize

GSL Enterprises, LLC offers a variety of Reward and Recognize solutions to assist your organization with your overall compensation and health and welfare strategies, such as;

  • Creation of a 3-year health & welfare strategy
  • Assist with third party benefit broker selection
  • Yearly compensation benchmarking
  • Variable (annual bonus and long-term incentive) compensation design
  • Job banding and salary matrix design
  • Pay-for-performance program design that compliments your performance management program
  • General 401(k) review
  • Creation of a reward and recognition program


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