Individual Coaching Solutions

Our consultants provide a wide range of individual solutions that can help enhance, develop and sustain life long professional competencies and help develop employees for the next step in their professional journey.

Career Enhancement

We can provide individual coaching opportunities, behavioral and business assessment testing, 360 degree feedback, and new leadership training to help employees enhance their strengths to leverage and opportunities to develop as it relates to promotional opportunities, succession and development planning and overall professional development.

High-Potential Development

We can develop individual development plans and create training programs for your organization’s high-potential employees.

Accelerated training and development plans can help the growth of identified high-potential employees within your organization that will only help the overall growth of your organization.

Career Transition

We can provide resume assistance, interview preparation, outplacement services and career coaching opportunities assuming an employee is adversely affected by a reduction in the workforce or simply has decided to move on with their career goals.

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