Craig Lazzaro Bio

Craig Lazzaro is a senior level law enforcement, security and loss prevention professional with more than 37 years of experience in the private and public sectors directing all levels of strategic and tactical operations.  Craig has experience working at the federal, county and municipal law enforcement levels in critical incident management, special operations and dignitary protection.

Craig’s professional experience encompasses the following:

United States Marine Corps – Infantry/Principal Marksman Instructor; United States Secret Service – Secret Service Officer, Firearms Technician & Dignitary Protection; Broward County Sheriff’s Officer – Deputy Sheriff/S.W.A.T/Firearms Commander/K-9 Unit; United States Marshal Service – Special Deputy U.S. Marshall; Chevy Chase Village Police Department – Chief of Police; Security Bureau Inc. – Branch Manager, Industrial Security Division

Craig’s professional training and certifications includes, but is not limited to; firearms instructor, executive protection, traffic homicide investigator, loss prevention, special weapons & tactics, first responder, street crime unit investigator, burglary/robbery investigator, K-9 unit, policy academy instructor, dignitary protection, manpower planning and budget preparation.

Craig Lazzaro can be contacted at